Franco Caro
Jr. Vice - Marines

Born and raised in south Phoenix back in September of 1982, I spent a lot of my childhood out in the desert, and mountains before moving to Florida in 1994 with my Mother.  I graduated from Ridgewood High School back in 2000, with two full ride scholarships to play tennis, but opted to continue working in the automotive electronics field, before enlisting in the Marine Corps in March of 2001. 

I began basic training aboard Parris Island in April of 2001 (Plt 1048), graduated basic in July, and hit the Fleet Marine Force in November of 2001 as an 0411 (Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management Clerk), and joined 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines out of Camp Lejeune, NC in Novemeber of 2001.  Shortly after joining my unit, we then deployed to Okinawa, Japan, being stationed at the gorgeous Camp Schwab.  While in Okinawa, I took part in a 30 day Corps Package at the Jungle Warfare Training Center aboard Camp Gonsalves, in northern Okinawa.  I've also had three pumps out to 29 Palms, CA for combined arms desert mountain warfare training; and also urban combat training that was at the old March AFB in California.

In January of 2003, we deployed as part of Task Force Tarawa, Regimental Combat Team 2, for OIF 1 aboard the USS Bataan (LHD-5). We came in through the Port of Kuwait via LCAC (hovercraft), and then moved our way into Iraq slowly and steadily, securing cities along our path.  Some of our biggest accolades include the securing of the bridges into the heart of Iraq over the Euphrates, and Tigris Rivers; the battle to secure An Nasiriyah; as well as the rescue of the 3rd Infantry Division’s resupply convoy that was ambushed.  But, most importantly, the rescue of former Prisoner Of War, Army PFC Jessica Lynch, and handed her off to Army Special Forces before continuing on to take down one of Sadam Hussein's largest Fedayeen training camps in Numiniyah.  Our combined total actions earned us recognition from President Bush, thus earning the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.

I was then honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2005 and moved back to Florida, to resume my life as a trade worker, and then eventually back to being a MECP Certified Auto Technician with Best Buy.  But, in September of 2012, I was deemed medically retired by the VA.  I joined All-American Post #9236 in February of 2023, after running into our current Post Commander, Jason Spencer, and finding out that he was with 3rd Battalion, 25thMarines, who attached to my unit for combat operations as I was getting out in 2005.

Usually, you can find my beautiful wife, Liz, who’s also an Auxiliary member here at Post 9236, and I around the horse farm tending to some of our many animals and tasks on a daily basis, or you’ll find her helping out with riding sessions for our handicapped clients on Saturdays.  If we're not busy on the farm, or up at the Post, then you can usually find us fishing, camping, or out in our side by side/UTV on the trails.

It's an honor to be a Life Member here at Post #9236, and it’s an honor to be one of your Jr. Vice Commander.  I look forward to working with everyone to help provide you all with a great experience at our Post when you're there.  If you ever have any comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to speak to myself, or one of the other Post Officers, and we will do our best to get it taken care of for you. 

We look forward to seeing our current members, and meeting the next generation of our nations warfighters.